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Future Simple (Vežbanja)

I Od datih delova rečenice napisati potvrdne rečenice koristeći Future Simple:

1. come / tomorrow
I will come tomorrow.

2. go / to Italy next year
3. help / my friend
4. carry / your suitcase
5. write / an article about benefits of the internet
6. see / them next Monday

II Izabrati koji je odgovor tačan:

1. I will ________ you.

a) help
b) to help
c) helping


2. _______ you arrive on time for the beginning of the movie?

a) Were
b) Will
c) Won't

3. They ________ come to your party.

a) won't
b) willnot
c) shall

4. I won't ________ able to help you tomorrow.

a) have
b) do
c) be

5. Will you ________ with us, if it stops raining?

a) go
b) goes
c) not go

6. She _________ phone him after she comes back from the office.

a) willnot
b) will
c) is

7. It __________ this weekend.

a) will rains
b) is rain
c) won't rain

8. We __________ you next Friday.

a) will visited
b) will visiting
c) will visit

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