Učite engleski jezik uz zanimljive lekcije i vežbanja. Da biste proverili vaše odgovore, ulogujte se.  REGISTRACIJA

I Dopunite rečenice:

1. She has had her car _________ (steal) last night.

2. Have you had your car _________ (fix) by now?

3. They had their dinner _________ (serve).

4. I will have you _________ (arrest) for trespassing.

5. Mark is having his room _________ (redecorate). 

6. She is having her wisdom teeth _________ (remove).

II Prepišite rečenice tako da upotrebite konstrukciju have / get something done:

1. I am going to the hairdresser’s tomorrow.

2. She has to call the plumber to fix the faucet in the bathroom.

3. I told Jane to call you as soon as she got back from work.

4. Tom has to renew his membership.

5. We have to paint our office.

6. They called someone to replace the broken window.

III Izaberite koji je od ponuđenih odgovora tačan:

1. They _________ their house burgled while they were away.

a) had
b) had to

2. I’ll _________.

a) have my door fixed
b) have fixed my door

3. Sam _________ his father to bring the tools.

a) got to
b) got

4. We _________.

a) have our problem had solved
b) have had our problem solved

5. I’ll have Jack _________.

a) cleans up this mess
b) clean up this mess. 

6. We are having _________ as we speak.

a) our lunch served
b) served our lunch