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Prepisati recenice iz direktnog u indirektni govor, obratite pažnju na promenu zamenica i vremenskih izraza:

1. I live in Italy.
She says _____________________________

2. We met two weeks ago at the airport.
He says ______________________________

3. We love spending time at the mall.
They say _____________________________

4. I will call you tomorrow.
She promises __________________________

5. I am going to help you as soon as I come home.
He says ________________________________

6. I am going to Spain next summer with you.
He says ________________________________

II Prepisati rečenice iz direktnog u indirektni govor, obratite pažnju na modalne glagole:

1. I can’t come tomorrow.
She admitted _________________________

2. You should put on your jacket.
He said ______________________________

3. They might be in trouble.
I warned that _____________________________

4. He will help you with the suitcases.
She told me he _________________________

5. I can’t swim.
She admitted __________________________

6. He might be late.
I informed them that _____________________

III Prepisati rečenice iz direktnog u indirektni govor: 

1. I don’t like fish.
She said __________________________

2. We are leaving tonight.
They said _________________________

3. I am afraid of spiders.
She admitted _______________________

4. She saw him yesterday.
She confessed that ___________________

5. He hasn’t locked the door.
He warned us that ____________________

6. We have just arrived.
She informed us that __________________

7. You were driving the car at that moment.
I told him that he _____________________

8. The train had left.
They informed us that __________________

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