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I Prepisati rečenice iz direktnog u indirektni govor:

1. Where are you going?
He asked ____________________________

2. Are you interested in coming to work for me?
She asked ____________________________

3. Will you help me?
Jason wanted to know ___________________

4. Did you see Amy yesterday?
They wondered _________________________

5. What were you doing at the moment of the robbery?
The police wanted to know _________________

6. How much have you paid for that car?
He asked me ____________________________

II Prepisati rečenice iz direktnog u indirektni govor:

1. Go away.
She told ________________________________

2. Don't bother him.
She warned _____________________________

3. Open the page 16 in your textbooks.
The teacher told __________________________

4. Leave the door open.
They ordered ____________________________

5. Don't run down the hall.
She reminded ___________________________

6. Please, put on your coat. It's cold.
I advised ________________________________