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I Prepisati rečenice iz direktnog u indirektni govor, obratite pažnju na slaganje vremena, kao i na promenu zamenica i vremenskih izraza:

1. She told me: "I will come if I have time."

2. She advised me: "You shouldn't lie to him."

3. The doctor asked: "How are you feeling?"

4. I wanted to know: "Are you coming tonight?"

5. My father told me: "Don't be late."

6. Susan said: "I was in Italy two years ago."

7. Mike confessed: "I didn't see what happened with Jake."

8. Emma asked: "Could you help me with this suitcase?"

9. The director announced: "We will start filming in February next year."

10. The teacher asked: "Have you finished your reports."

11. My parents wanted to know: “When are you coming home?”

12. I asked the shop assistant: “Do you have this jumper in green?”

13. His father told him: “Don’t leave the window open.”

14. We invited Marta and John: “Come and have dinner with us.”

15. Jane asked her dad: “Can I borrow the car?”

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