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I Upotrebite određeni član THE gde je potrebno:

1. She is ________ youngest girl in the class.

2. He brought _________ CDs.

3. I’ll wait you in front of ________ Museum of Modern Art.

4. I saw _________ children from our building playing in the park.

5. Have you seen _________ John?

6. We like _________ coffee.

7. I saw him leaving _________ house at ten.

8. This lesson is _______ most important one for your exam.

9. We saw a woman. _______ woman was driving a car. _________ car was yellow.

10. They came by ________ bus.

II Izaberite izmedju odredjenog i neodređenog člana:

1. Have you brought _________ books I need?

2. He is ________ tallest boy in the class.

3. I saw ________ cat in front of my house this morning.

4. Would you like _________ apple?

5. She’s _________ doctor.

6. Tuesday is ________ second day of the week.

7. I like _________ dress you wore to Tina’s party.

8. When I looked through the window I saw ________ man standing near the gate.

9. Can I ask you _________ question? 

10. We’ve visited _________ British Museum.

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