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I Izaberite odgovarajući particip koji je potrebno upotrebiti u rečenici:

1. She is __________ coffee with her best friend.

a) having
b) had
c) having had

2. They are living in an __________ city.

a) exciting
b) excited
c) having excited

3. I was so __________ when Jason called me. I didn’t expect that.

a) surprising
b) surprised
c) having surprised

4. __________the work on an important project, she decided to relax and go out for a walk.

a) Finishing
b) Finished
c) Having finished

5. I don’t want to go to the mountain, I don’t like __________.

a) skiing
b) skied
c) having skied

6. The house was __________ thirty years ago.

a) building
b) built
c) having built

7. My parents were __________ breakfast when I entered the kitchen.

a) having
b) had
c) having had

8. Elizabeth had __________ the car before you got the chance to make an offer.

a) selling
b) sold
c) having sold

9. __________ here before, he knew the way to the sales department.

a) Being
b) Been
c) Having been

10. My neighbour has __________ some nice flowers.

a) planting
b) planted
c) having planted