Učite engleski jezik uz zanimljive lekcije i vežbanja. Da biste proverili vaše odgovore, ulogujte se.  REGISTRACIJA

I Dopunite sledeće rečenice koristeći Past Perfect:

1. By the time I got to the station, the train ________________ (leave).

2. When we arrived at the stadium, the match _______ already _________ (start).

3. They ______ never ________ (meet) her before.

4. I _______________ (know) him for years.

5. She ______________ (see) that movie last week.

6. We _______________ (hear, not) about your victory.

7. They ____________ (leave) before I came.

8. I remembered I _____________ (see) that movie.

9. He ________________ (travel, not) abroad.

10. We ________________ (decide) to leave before she arrived.

II Dopunite sledeće rečenice koristeći Past Perfect:

1. She ____________ so she can't go into the house now.

2. When they got to the club, Tom _____ already_______.

3. I realized that I _________  my history book at home.

4. He ___________ that book before the class we had last week.

5. The children ate all the cake their mother ________ that morning.