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I U ovom vežbanju je potrebno da pročitate tekst iz romana Jane Austen "Emma" i da dopišete izostavljen glagole. Svi glagoli su u vremenu Past SImple.

meet, be, look, talk, make, have, come, think

They _______ Mr. Martin the very next day, as they were walking on the Donwell road. He _____ on foot, and after looking very respectfully at her, ______ with most unfeigned satisfaction at her companion. Emma was not sorry to have such an opportunity of survey; and walking a few yards forward, while they ______ together, soon _______ her quick eye sufficiently acquainted with Mr. Robert Martin.

His appearance was very neat, and he looked like a sensible young man, but his person ______ no other advantage; and when he ________ to be contrasted with gentlemen, she __________ he must lose all the ground he had gained in Harriet's inclination. Harriet was not insensible of manner; she had voluntarily noticed her father's gentleness with admiration as well as wonder. Mr. Martin looked as if he did not know what manner was.