Učite engleski jezik uz zanimljive lekcije i vežbanja. Da biste proverili vaše odgovore, ulogujte se.  REGISTRACIJA

I Dodati nastavke -s ili -es na sledeće glagole: 

sleep, do, finish,

work, go, watch,

drink, try, have,

eat, study, buy,

live, sit, see,

play, start, write,

make, get, come

II Dopunite sledeće rečenice koristeći Present Simple:

1. My cousin ______________ (live) in Italy.

2. I _______________ (play) guitar.

3. She _____________ (go) to the gym every week.

4. ____________ he ____________ (speak) English?

5. He _______________ (have, not) classes on Saturday.

6. ____________ they ___________ (like) our song?

7. The exam ____________ (start) at 12:30.

8. _________ he __________ (eat) strawberries?

9. They _____________ (work) from 7 a.m.

10. I _________________ (drink) coffee.

III Odredite koji je od ponuđenih odgovora tačan:

1. When ______ this semester start?

a) does
b) do
c) is

2. Do you _____ chocolate?

a) likes
b) liking
c) like

3. Sarah ______ the piano.

a) play
b) plays
c) playing

4. Now that he is away from home, he ______ his family.

a) missing
b) miss
c) misses

5. The bank ___________ open until 9 a.m.

a) does
b) doesn't
c) don't

6. The Danube ________ into the Black Sea.

a) flows
b) flow
c) doesn't flow

7. _____ you eat meat?

a) Does
b) Are
c) Do

8. She _______ long black hair.

a) has
b) have
c) hasn't

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