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Povežite prideve sa grupom kojoj pripadaju: 



worried, shocked, depressing, disappointed, worrying, shocking, confused, annoying

satisfying, worried, exciting, bored, tired, terrified, exhausting, boring, surprising

II Zaokruzite tačan pridev u rečenicama:

1. She was so depressed / depressing after their break up.

2. The teacher was annoyed / annoying because the students were making noise in the hall.

3. The shocked / shocking news was published on the front page.

4. Susan heard some noise in the middle of the night. She was terrified / terrifying.

5. The metro can be confused / confusing the first time you use it.

6. That street is too dark and it looks frightened / frightening. Let’s go the other way.

III Dopunite rečenice koristeći neki od ponuđenih prideva: 

exciting, annoying, boring, tired, worried, depressing, surprised, satisfied

1. She looked so ____________ today. She didn't sleep at all last night.

2. This movie is  ____________. Can we change this channel?

3. We were all ____________ when they came. Nobody's expected them.

4. I think that rainy days can be very ____________.

5. Don’t bite your nails. It’s so ____________.

6. We should go on a road trip. It would be ____________.

7. My parents were really ____________ because I was late from my practice last night.

8. They were ____________ with the result of the competition.

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