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I U primerima ispod potrebno je da izaberete odgovarajući oblik glagola da dopunite rečenice. Ponuđeno je četiri odgovora (u pitanju su prošla vremena Past SimplePast ContinuousPresent PerfectPast Perfect).

1. When we got to the airport the plane ________. We had to wait for the next one.

a) had already left
b) left
c) was leaving
d) has left

2. Mike ________ the game while Susan was reading a book.

a) watched
b) was watching
c) has watched
d) had watched

3. Emma ________ two times in Scotland. She's going again next summer.

a) had been
b) was
c) was being
d) has been

4. I ________ working here in 2006.

a) started
b) have started
c) was starting
d) had started

5. Alison ________ the keys on the table before she left.

a) was leaving
b) has left
c) had left
d) left

6. ________you ________ your costume? You can't act in those clothes.

a) Had / forgotten
b) Have / forgotten
c) Was / forgetting
d) Did / forget

7. She ________ not to help them after she ________ the article in the newspapers.

a) decided / has seen
b) had decided / saw
c) has decided / saw
d) decided / had seen

8. We ________ out last night. It was raining.

a) didn't go
b) haven't gone
c) hadn't gone
d) weren't going

9. It ________ while I was coming back home.

a) snowed
b) was snowing
c) had snowed
d) has snowed

10. John ________ as a waiter before he became a chef.

a) has worked
b) worked
c) had worked
d) was working

11. It ________ since last night. Don't forget your umbrella.

a) was raining
b) rained
c) has rained
d) had rained

12. My grandparents ________ this house in 1986.

a) had built
b) built
c) have built
d) was building

13. The TV show ________ late so I fell asleep.

a) had been
b) was being
c) has been
d) was

14. Jack ________ the garage when he heard someone shouting.

a) was cleaning
b) cleaned
c) has cleaned
d) had cleaned

15. ________ you ________ the movie we talked about? Yes, I have.

a) Have / watched
b) Was / watching
c) Did / watch
d) Had / watched

16. An accident ________ on the highway yesterday. Luckily, no one was hurt.

a) has happened
b) was happening
c) happened
d) had happened

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