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I Napraviti upitne rečenice tako da postavite pitanje u vezi sa podvučenim delom rečenice. Koristite upitne reči kao što su: what, where, why… Na primer: 

 Jason is from Italy.

Where is Jason from?

 1. Susan left the office two hours ago.

2. We had to stay at home because it was raining.

3. The team has lost seven matches in a row.

4. The house was built five years after we got married.

5. The car was parked in the garage when the fire broke out.

6. Your appointment was scheduled for 10 am on Tuesday.

7. They are organizing a sale this weekend.

8. The car is parked in front of the cafe is mine.

II Napisati upitne rečenice koristeći inveziju (zamena mesta subjekta i pomoćnog glagola). Na primer: 

Jason is a photographer.

Is Jason a photographer?

 1. I will help you with this project.

2. He is going to arrive on time.

3. Anna has left the window open.  

4. The children are watching the TV.

5. My parents sold their house a month ago.

6. The newspapers are delivered every morning.

7. The package was sent from France.

8. They were studying when I called.