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I Dopunite rečenice koristeći neku od ponuđenih upitnih reči:

what       where (2x)       why don’t       whose        

  why (2x)        which (2x)     how        when

1. _______ are you doing this weekend?
I’m having lunch with my parents. _______ do you ask?

2. Excuse me, could you tell me _______ is the bank?

3. _______ of these umbrellas is yours?

4. _______ did you come back last night?

5. I forgot the book at home. _______ one?

6. _______ much is that picture?

7. _______ are the keys? I know I left them on the table last night.

8. _______ did you get up so early?

9. _______ car is this? It’s parked in front of my gate.

10. _______ we meet at the cafe instead of you coming to my office?

II Napišite odgovarajuća pitanja na osnovu datih odgovora:

1. ___________________________
She’s from England.

2. ___________________________
It’s on the table.

3. ___________________________
It’s quarter past seven.

4. ___________________________
The dress is $10.99.

5. ___________________________
I arrived at nine o’clock.

6. ___________________________
I am going to the cinema.