Učite engleski jezik uz zanimljive lekcije i vežbanja. Da biste proverili vaše odgovore, ulogujte se.  REGISTRACIJA

I U ovom vežbanju zadatak je da povežete odgovarajuće delove rečenica. U pitanju su poznata sujeverja u engleskom jeziku:

II Dopuniti rečenice koristeći prvi i drugi tip uslovnih rečenica (First and Second Conditional):

1. If I _________ (be) you, I _________ (apologize) to Sally.

2. I _________ (call) you as soon as I _________ (come) back to the office.

3. If it _________ (not, rain), we _________ (have) a picnic on Saturday.

4. What _________ you _________ (do) if you _________ (win) a lottery?

5. _________ you _________ (help) me if I _________ (ask) you?

6. Emma _________ (buy) you a sweater if she _________ (find) one in your size.

7. If she _________ (be) happy in her job, she _________ (not, be) looking for another one.

8. If I _________ (go) to London next year, I _________ (visit) my cousins who live there.

9. If I _________ (have) the chance to do it again, I _________ (do) it differently.

10. When Mike _________ (come) back from his trip he _________ (schedule) the board meeting.

III Povezati odgovarajuće delove rečenica:

1. I will arrive on time

2. I would be very unhappy 

3. If I went to bed early

4. She will bring you the file

5. Ben will drive you to the airport

6. If we had more money

a) as soon as she comes back to the office.

b) we would buy a better car.

c) if I don’t get stuck in a traffic jam.

d) if you miss the bus.

e) if you didn’t come with me.

f) I wouldn’t be tired now.