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Cilj vežbanja ispod je utvrđivanje vremena u engleskom jeziku. Više o svakom od tih vremena možete pogledati klikom na naslov koji će Vas odvesti do odgovarajuće lekcije: Present Simple, Present Continuous, Past SimplePast ContinuousPresent PerfectPast Perfect, Future SimpleFuture (be going to).

Izaberite koje je vreme potrebno upotrebiti u rečenicama:

1. What ______ you ______ when I called you?

a) are / doing
b) were / doing
c) did / do

2. I ______ in this house since I was a little boy.

a) have lived
b) had lived
c) lived

3. ______ you ______ coffee?

a) Does / like
b) Do / liking
c) Do / like

4. They ______ a new store in the mall next Wednesday.

a) are opening
b) open
c) opened

5. By the time we arrived at the theater the play ______ already ______.

a) have / started
b) has / started
c) had / started

6. He ______ this car five years ago.

a) bought
b) buy
c) were buying

7. Michael ______ taller than Jack.

a) are
b) be
c) is

8. Where is Mark? He ______ his house.

a) paints
b) is painting
c) has painted

9. ______ you ______ the door open this morning?

a) Did / leave
b) Were / leaving
c) Do / leave

10. Emily ______ the violin since she was three.

a) played
b) have played
c) has played

II Izaberite odredbu za vreme koju je potrebno upotrebiti u rečenici:

1. I haven’t read the book ______.

a) yet
b) already
c) since

2. They moved five months ______.

a) at the moment
b) since
c) ago

3. Have you ______ been in England?

a) never
b) ever
c) yet

4. We are going to the cinema ______.

a) this evening
b) yesterday
c) just

5. Did you meet Jason ______?

a) this evening
b) yesterday
c) just

6. He had ______ cleaned the house when she got home.

a) since
b) already
c) never

III Upotrebiti sledeća vremena u recenicama ispod. Možete dodati odredbe za vreme. Pogledajte prvi primer:

1. Present Simple, Past Simple

I / get up / at eight
I get up at eight every morning.
I got up at eight yesterday.

2. Present Simple, Past Simple, Present Perfect
We / live / in this house

3. Present Continuous, Past Simple, Present Perfect Continuous
Someone / knock / on the door.

4. Past Simple, Present Perfect, Future (going to)
She / read / that book

5. Present Continuous, Past Simple, Future (will)
Tom / buy / a car

6. Past Simple, Present Perfect, Past Perfect
We / start / the meeting

7. Present Simple, Present Continuous, Future (going to)
What / you / do ?

8. Present Simple, Future (will), Past Simple
The weather / be / not / nice