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I Odredite koja je vrsta zamenice upotrebljena u rečenici:

1. She arrived late.

2. Tom did that himself.

3. I love your coat.

4. These gloves are yours.

5. Sara took her umbrella and went.

6. Our plan was a success.

7. Is this book yours?

8. She put her hands in her pockets.

9. Everything they told me was a lie.

10. Did you see her?

II Izaberite koja je od ponuđenih zamenica tačna u ovim rečenicama:

1. I saw him / he.

2. Were yours / you afraid?

3. This car isn’t my / mine?

4. I thought this pencil was yours / yourself.

5. Their / They apartment is very comfortable.

6. Are these shoes her / hers?

7. His / He answer was perfect.

8. She sat all by hers / herself.

9. I checked the room myself / mine.

10. Wash your / yours hands before dinner.