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Is it possible to choose your dreams?

Richard Wiseman 

About a year ago, I began working with app developers Yuza to create an iPhone app that would attempt to influence people's thoughts and imagery while they are dreaming. Today we're unveiling our creation and are now looking for thousands of volunteers to help discover whether it really is possible to create the perfect dream.

Taking part is simple. Start by downloading the free Dream:ON app. Then, before you go to sleep, open the app and indicate when you want to wake up, and select one of our pre-programmed dreams, such a walk in the woods or lying on a beach. (The app comes with three free dreams. You can buy others if you want, but that's not necessary to take part in the study.) Finally, place your iPhone on your bed and go to sleep.

Dream:ON will monitor your movements 20 minutes before you want to wake up. If the app detects a sudden lack of movement – indicative of you dreaming – it will quietly play a carefully crafted soundscape of your desired dream (birds tweeting, waves lapping against the shore). At the end of your dream, the app wakes you up with a gentle alarm and asks you to submit a short description of your dream. These are stored in our database and will be used to examine whether the soundscapes do influence people's dreams.

Research from sleep laboratories suggests that it should indeed be possible to give people their desired dreams and help them wake up feeling happy and refreshed. But is that really the case? To find out, we need your help.

I Upotrebite fraze iz teksta koje su podebljane u tekstu koji ste pročitali:

1. What are you _____________?

2. - Sorry, did I _____________? 
    - No, I wasn’t sleeping.

3. Did you _____________ who took your mobile phone?

4. Sam invited us to _____________ the concert with her.

5. The money will be _____________ help the poor children.

6. We decided to _____________ in the game since the whole event was for charity.


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II Dopišite izostavljena slova:









III Koristeći rečnik dopišite izostavljene reči:

developer (n) -  _____________ (v)

desired (adj.) - _____________ (v)

submit (v) - _____________ (n)

description (n) - _____________ (v)

research (n) - _____________ (v)

suggest (v) - _____________ (n)

possible (adj.) - _____________ (n)

refreshed (adj.) - _____________ (v)

IV Dopišite reči koje su izostavljene u rečenicama:

 suggest             monitor          submit           

 attempt          unveil           influence           

1. Don’t forget to _____________ your reports by the end of this week.

2. The equipment was installed to _____________ any movements.

3. Those boys have a really bad _____________ on him, he really shouldn’t spend time with them.

4. John _____________ to fix the computer, but it was useless.

5. The leading actor refused to _____________ the plot of the new movie.

6. He _____________ that we should help her as soon as possible.

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