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Health Benefits of Yoga
By Maggie Hira

General Overview

Yoga is a type of physical exercise consisting of various poses that build muscle strength and endurance. Yoga originated in India as a way to discipline the mind and body, and eventually gained popularity throughout the Western world as an effective method of exercising and staying in shape. The practice of yoga presents many mental benefits as well as physical. 

Physical Benefits

Yoga has many physical benefits including flexibility, strength, muscle tone, pain prevention and better breathing. The various poses of yoga are extremely demanding, and over time result in increased flexibility in all the muscles of the body. The majority of yoga poses demand that the body support its own weight for long periods of time, which results in increased strength in the abdominal, leg, back, chest and arm muscles. Yoga helps shape long and lean muscles, resulting in visible muscle tone. The practice of yoga also promotes better breathing habits, resulting in deeper breathing that strengthens the lungs. Finally, yoga also aids in pain prevention in the back by increasing a person's flexibility and general strength. All of these aspects also result in promoting better health.

Mental Benefits

The mental health benefits of yoga include stress reduction and a general sense of calmness. Yoga involves many meditation techniques that help to bring a certain calmness to the mind. This calming effect also promotes greater concentration. Moreover, the calm meditative techniques of yoga contribute greatly to stress relief. The great concentration necessary to perform the majority of yoga poses is great for relieving stress by helping the person forget about past troubles and stress-causing daily anxieties.

I Povežite pojmove iz teksta sa njihovim definicijama:

consist             benefit              endurance           strengthen              relief

effective           flexibility            result (v)           increase (v)           anxiety

exercise (n)       strength                 physical           reduction         contribute to

1. activity requiring physical effort for the sake of training or improvement of health_______________2. be composed of _______________

2. be composed of _______________3. the quality or state of being physically strong_______________

3. the quality or state of being physically strong_______________4. ability to endure, withstand _______________

4. ability to endure, withstand _______________

5. producing a desired or intended result _______________

6. an advantage gained from something _______________

7. to end in a specified manner  _______________

8. make or become stronger _______________

9. relating to the body _______________

10. become greater in size, amount _______________

11. the quality of bending easily without breaking _______________

12. the action of making something smaller in size, amount _______________

13. help to cause _______________

14. a feeling of reassurance and relaxation _______________

15. a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something _______________

II Izaberite reč koju je potrebno upotrebiti u ponuđenoj rečenici:

1. She's been doing exercises to become stronger and increase __________.

a) flexibility
b) reduction
c) anxiety 

2. There are many __________ to eating lots of fruit and vegetables.

a) relief
b) consist
c) benefits 

3. The mental health benefits of yoga include stress __________ and a general sense of calmness.  

a) anxiety
b) reduction
c) strength

4. Yoga is a type of physical exercise consisting of various poses that build muscle strength and __________.

a) strengthen
b) exercise
c) endurance 

5. Skiing is my favorite kind of __________.

a) exercise
b) benefit
c) strength 

6. Yoga is an __________ method of exercising and staying in shape.

a) physical
b) effective
c) endurance 

7. The training __________ of three different sets of exercises.

a) results
b) increases
c) consists 

8. The calm meditative techniques of yoga __________ stress relief.

a) increase
b) contribute to
c) consist of 

III Dopišite reči koje su izostavljene:

1. an advantage gained from something

2. producing a desired or intended result

3. the action of making something smaller in size, amount

4. be composed of

5. the quality of bending easily without breaking

6. become greater in size, amount

7. help to cause

8. relating to the body

9. ability to endure, withstand

10. make or become stronger

11. the quality or state of being physically strong

12. a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something

13. to end in a specified manner 

14. activity requiring physical effort for the sake of training or improvement of health

15. a feeling of reassurance and relaxation


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