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U ovoj lekciji će fokus biti utvrđivanje sadašnjih vremena, modalni glagol can, kao i reči i izrazi koji se koriste u poslovnom engleskom. Vaš prvi zadatak je da pročitate tekst. Zatim odgovorite na pitanja u vezi sa tekstom a na kraju uradite vežbanja:

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 Poslovni engleski

This is David. He works as an accountant in the Madrid branch of a multinational company. They always have people from all around the world in our company and the common language is English. In his job, he doesn’t have to write many letters, but he sends a lot of emails each day. Nowadays, most business arrangements and documentation is sent electronically. He doesn’t feel very comfortable speaking English on the phone. He can understand people when they speak to him, but he can’t always reply. English is important for his career and professional development, so he’s working really hard to improve it. Since he’s currently living in Spain, he hears a lot of Spanish too. Unfortunately, he can’t speak Spanish. He would love to learn it one day, but his focus now is English. 

Megan works in the Human Resource Department. Her job includes reviewing applications of the potential candidates for the open positions in the company. She usually uses placement tests for the candidates to find the ones that are most suitable for the position. She also conducts interviews where candidates talk about their responsibilities and expectations in their new job. At times, she has to check if candidates have references, as well as to check their qualifications and experience. She often ends an interview with a couple of questions to see how fluent candidates are in English.

I Izaberite tačne odgovore:

1. Who works as an accountant?

a) Megan

b) David

c) Megan and David 

2. Whose job is to interview candidates for the open positions in the company? 

a) Megan

b) David

c) Megan and David 

3. Who writes a lot of emails each day? 

a) Megan

b) David

c) Megan and David

4. What does Megan usually do at the end of the interview? 

a) She writes a report.

b) She sends an email.

c) She asks a couple of questions in English.

5. What does Megan do to find the perfect candidates?

 a) She uses placement tests.

b) She speaks Spanish.

c) She consults with David.


II Dopunite rečenice koristeći Present Simple i Present Continuous:

1. What time ___________ working in the mornings? (you, start)

2. I ___________ on weekends. (not, usually, work)

3. Where is Adam? ___________ he still ___________? (work)

4. What ___________ about her job application? (you, think)


III Odredite da li su ove rečenice tačno napisane: 

1. You can not stay here with me.

2. She can join us if she wants.

3. How often can you come?

4. I can’t to see without my glasses.

5. Can you send him a text? No, I can.

6. Can Adam to drive a car?


IV Upotrebite ove reči u rečenicama ispod:

references, commute, qualifications, interview, application, promotion, experience, placement test 

1. They’ve sent me an ___________ to fill in.

2. Now that he works from home, he no longer has to ___________.

3. The company required two written ___________ from the previous employers.

4. If the candidates get good results on the ___________, they are asked to come to an ___________ where they will need to talk about their prior work ___________ and ___________ they obtained through education.

5. I think she would get that ___________ faster if she worked harder. 

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