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by | May 20, 2023

Ispod se nalazi tekst, preuzet sa sajta guardian.co.uk, u kome su podebljani oblici pasiva.

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Heavy rain causes floods in Scottish borders and south-west England

A flash flood ripped through the Scottish border town of Jedburgh on Saturday night. Around 30 homes had to be evacuated after they were submerged in 3ft of silted water when the river broke its banks. Displaced families are being put up in the local community hall. Flash flooding also hit towns in north Somerset, where the emergency services received around 80 calls for help. Firefighters spent the night pumping out homes in an operation that lasted for more than six hours. Fire brigades said no one had been trapped under the slip. A search and rescue vehicle was used to clear debris to make the lane passable, with help from a local farmer and his tractor, and one family was helped to safety. Fortunately, after extensive searching the area was declared clear.

David Westrup, 61, who runs the Elm Tree Cottage bed and breakfast in Nailsea, about eight miles from Bristol, said that his neighbours had been hit by the floods. “We’re on a hill above the river, so we’re absolutely fine … but there’s a cottage right on the roadside that was flooded out last night.” “I saw fire engines there that were pumping and there were houses that were in our view that were being pumped out by the fire brigade.”

Izvor: https://www.theguardian.com/uk/2012/aug/05/rain-floods-scottish-borders-england

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