Učite engleski jezik uz zanimljive lekcije i vežbanja. Da biste proverili vaše odgovore, ulogujte se.  REGISTRACIJA

Dopišite prošli particip sledećih glagola:

walk   /   read   /   travel   /   see    /   win   /   know   /   be   /   write   /   go    /   make    /    drink   /   try

II Dopunite sledeće rečenice koristeći Present Perfect:

1. She ___________________ (publish) books for children.

2. She ____________________ (live, not) in Ireland.

3. __________ you _____________ (see) Sarah?

4. I ________________________ (know) Alice for six years.

5. How long _________ you _____________ (work) as a teacher?

6. I ___________ already _____________ (have) breakfast.

7. They _______never __________ (travel) to Africa.

8. I _____________________ (see, not) Carrie for a while.

9. She _________ just _____________ (have) some cake.

10. He _______________________ (lose) his wallet.

III Odredite koji je od ponuđenih odgovora tačan:

1. He _________ forgotten his glasses again.

a) have

b) has

c) had

2. I have never _________ this film before.

a) see

b) saw

c) seen

3. We _____________ Alice for years.

a) have known

b) has known

c) have knew

4. How long ______________ as a librarian?

a) have you worked

b) you have worked

c) have you working

5. She ______________ in Italy.

a) have never been

b) has never been

c) has ever been

6. We can’t enter the house because my brother _________ the key in his office.

a) have left

b) have leave

c) has left

7. How’s Michael? I ____________ him lately.

a) haven’t seen

b) hasn’t seen

c) haven’t see

8. This is the first time I __________ this song.

a) heard

b) have heard

c) has heard

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