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I Upotrebite Present Simple ili Present Continuous u sledećim rečenicama.

1. - What ______ you ______ (do) tonight?
- I ______ (go) to the theatre with Mel.

2. I ______ (not, believe) his story.

3. We ______ (spend) our winter holiday on the mountain. However, this year we ______ (visit) our grandparents.

4. Susan ______ (love) ice skating.

5. Please wait for me! I ______ (not, want) to go alone.

6. When ______ you usually ______ (have) breakfast?

7. Mike never ______ (get) up early on Sunday.

8. My parents ______ (work) in the garden at the moment.

II  Odrediti koji je od ponuđenih odgovora tačan:

1. ______ you ______ to Mike’s party tomorrow night?

a) Are / coming
b) Do / come

2. When ______ the English lesson ______?

a) are / starting
b) does / start

3. John and Greg ______ golf at the moment.

a) are playing
b) play

4. She ______ her dog for a walk every morning.

a) is taking
b) takes

5. I ______ for my MP3 player. Have you seen it?

a) am looking
b) look

6. My dad always ______ up early.

a) is getting
b) gets

7. How much ______ the concert ticket ______?

a) is / costing
b) does / cost

8. Look! It ______.

a) is raining
b) rains

9. He is a mechanic. He ______ cars.

a) is repairing
b) repairs

10. I ______ to go out this evening.

a) am not wanting
b) don’t want


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