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I Na osnovu datih rečenica napišite upitne rečenice (bez upitne reči):

1. Sarah has just bought new shoes.

2. They drove back because she had forgotten the present.

3. We are having dinner at the moment.

4. I didn’t see that TV show.

5. He hadn’t brought the snacks.

6. Her office is on the seventh floor.

7. You are very tired.

8. The bridge was built fifty years ago.

II Poređajte reči tako da napravite upitnu rečenicu:

1. When college you finish did?

2. was question What the last?

3. waiting How you been for long me have?

4. did What told you do she the truth you when?

5. meeting Why late you for the were?

6. your with Do packing need you help suitcase?

7. I when Where called you you were?

8. has the the on left table sandwiches Who?