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Pročitajte rečenice ispod i odredite koji idiom je potrebno upotrebiti u svakoj od njih:


1. How difficult can it be to solve this problem? It’s not ________________.

a) in the same boat

b) like riding a bicycle

c) a rocket science


2. That’s too risky. If you try to do that you’ll really be ________________.

a) on thin ice

b) on cloud nine

c) spread like wildfire


3. I don’t like reading. It’s ________________. It’s not for me.

a) high time

b) not chasing rainbows

c) not my cup of tea


4. I don’t understand these instructions at all. It’s all ________________.

a) Greek to me

b) double Dutch

c) New York minute


5. I can’t go with you to the cinema. I have to work late tonight. Can we _______________?

a) keep our fingers crossed

b) take a rain check

c) be under the weather


6. Then, ________________, he surprised her with the best birthday present ever.

a) long time no see

b) out of a blue

c) run like the wind


7. I thought that I wouldn’t do well on the test, but it turned out be ________________.

a) a piece of cake

b) out of hand

c) black sheep


8. I don’t know why she keeps trying. She will never going to make it. She’s ________________.

a) stealing my thunder

b) raining cats and dogs

c) chasing rainbows


9. They’ve worked really hard to finish the presentation. They’ve ________________.

a) cut a long story short

b) taken us by surprise

c) worked their socks off


10. I’m tired. Let’s ________________ and finish this report tomorrow.

a) call it a day

b) break the ice

c) get down to brass task

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