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I Pogledajte rečenice i odredite koji frazalni glagol je potrebno upotrebiti:

1. I don’t believe what he is saying. I think he ________ the whole story ________.

a) made / up
b) took / up
c) put / away

2. Look at him. He ________ after his father, doesn’t he?

a) comes across
b) gets back
c) takes after

3. I can’t ________ that awful noise any more.

a) get along
b) put up with
c) come up with

4. Could you ________ this word ________ in the dictionary?

a) look / up
b) give / up
c) take / up

5. She has decided to ________ yoga.

a) look up
b) give up
c) take up

6. While Anna was cleaning the attic she ________ an old photograph of her grandparents.

a) came up with
b) came across
c) came out

7. Firemen managed to ________ the fire ________ in time.

a) look / out
b) give / out
c) put / out

8. We’re going out for dinner tonight and I’ve decided to ________ my favourite dress.

a) put on
b) put away
c) put up with

9. Jason doesn’t know where the GPS device is. We’ll have to ________ it before we leave.

a) make for
b) get away
c) look for

10. I’ve done all the work, so you can ________ whenever you want.

a) come over
b) come along
c) come to

11. Carlos tired to learn Swedish, but he found it too difficult so he ________.

a) gave back
b) gave out
c) gave up

12. During the promo period, the tickets will be ________ for free.

a) given away
b) put away
c) get away

13. I’m taking the dog for a walk, but I’ll ________ in time for dinner.

a) put off
b) come back
c) take over

14. I don’t understand you. What are you ________?

a) coming to
b) getting at
c) making up

Slična vežbanja:

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