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I U ovom tekstu izostavljeni su određeni član the i neodređeni član a/an. Pročitajte tekst pažljivo i odredite koji od ta dva člana treba da stoji na crticama.


Man working in the officeWhen I got up, I realized I overslept. I left the house in ____ hurry. Believing that it was ____ fastest way to get there, I took ____ taxi. However, ____ taxi got stuck in ____ traffic jam. There was the news about ____ traffic jam, but I guess ____ taxi driver didn’t listen to the radio this morning. In ____ car, I kept thinking about our staff meeting and the fact that I’m going to be late. After I finally arrived at ____ office, I realized that ____ meeting was postponed. I was so relieved. Being late for meetings is frowned upon in ____ company where I work. I was really lucky that it was postponed last minute. Since it was already time for breakfast when I arrived, I got myself ____ cup of coffee. Then ____ colleague entered my office and asked me about ____ memo. I didn’t know anything about ____ memo, so she said that I needed to check my email. So I did. As I was looking through my inbox, I saw ____ email from my mom. I can’t believe I had missed ____ email from her.


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